Camerata Aetas Nova, Leuven

directed by Dieter Staelens

Camerata Aetas Nova is a group of young musicians who respect traditions highly but don’t shy away from contemporary experiments either. The choir was founded in 2000 in Leuven (Belgium).

Directed by Dieter Staelens, the choir has covered an interesting track of original and varied programmes. Camerata Aetas Nova has an ear for to the established international choral music but at the same time the choir explores the field of promising present-day domestic compositions.

This dedication to Flemish choral music can be heard on the CDs "Hovenier van de nacht" (Nocturnal Gardener) (2007) and "Nachtlied" (Song of the Night) (2011). Kurt Bikkembergs composed the title work of the first CD: an interesting cantata for choir, oboe d’amore and percussion, based on the sixteenth century painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch. Four composers, Vic Nees, Raymond Schroyens, Michaël Vancraeynest and Maarten Van Ingelgem, were invited by the choir to write the four-piece choral cantata that is the title work of the second CD.

In addition to this, Camerata Aetas Nova regularly participates in choir competitions and the choir was awarded the title of "Choir of the Year 2008-2009". During its contest performance the choir explored new territory and experimented with "an unpredictable repertoire and a fresh presentation" (as Klara and Canvas, the cultural channels of the national public broadcaster, wrote on their websites).

The jury clearly appreciated the at times excentric programme and the creativity of the visuals and movements on stage.